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Metal Detector

The first DSP metal detector with Intellectual Property Rights in China. In various industries such asaquatic products, meat and poultry, salted products, bakery food, nuts, vegetables, pharmacy, cosmetics and etc.,


Detecting all metal containments in packed and non-packed food, including ferrous metal (Fe), non-ferrous metals (Copper, Aluminum, etc.), and stainless steel.

Conveyor Belt Metal Detector
Metal Detector for Biscuits
Metal Detector for Pharmacy
Gravity Fall Metal Detector
Metal Detector for Sauce
High Configuration Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

checkweigher system

The high-speed, high-sensitivity, high-stability, dynamic weight-check Checkweigher is suitable for weight checking for packaged products, in order to ensure the product quality standards.


Techik Checkweigher is easy to clean and simple to disassemble. It is user friendly because of the following advantages: multi language, larger memory capacity, easy human-machine interface. Techik Combo Metal Detector and Checkweigher, which is perfectly connected in one frame, is welcomed by its compact design, space saving and cost-effective installation cost.

Checkweigher for Small Package
Checkweigher for Large Package
High-speed Checkweigher
Combo Metal Detector and Checkweigher
Multi-sorting Checkweigher
Multi-tray Weight Sorting Machine

X-Ray Inspection system

X-ray Inspection System takes advantage of the penetrating power of X-ray to detect contamination. It can acheive a full range of contaaminants inspection including metallic, non-metallic contaminants such as glass, ceramic, stone, bone, hard rubber, hard plastic, etc. It can inspect metallic, non-metallic packaging and canned products and the inspection effect will not be affected by temeperature, humdity, salt content, etc.

Take tablets as an example.X-ray Inspection System will detect and inform tablet crack, tablet lacking, and tablet with contamination.

Standard X-ray Inspection System
Compact Economical X-ray Inspection System
Economical X-ray Inspection System For Large Packages
Single Beam X-ray Inspection System for Bottles, Jars and Cans (Inclines Downward)
Single Beam X-ray Inspection System for Bottles, Jars and Cans (Inclines Upward)
High Configuration X-ray Inspection System for Bulk Products
Triple-beam X-ray Inspection System for Bottles, Jars and Cans
X-ray Inspection System for Fish Bones
X-ray Inspection System for Residual Bone Fragments
X-ray Inspection System for Sauce and Liquid
X-ray Inspection System for Bulk Products
Dual-beam X-ray Inspection System for Bottles, Jars and Cans

Optical Sorting System

Techik optical sorting machine is designed to automatically sorting out the defective material based on the principle that different material has different optical characteristic, by making use of the optoelectronic detecting technology. Techik optic sorters can recognize objects' color, size and shape, can compare objects to user-defined accept/reject criteria to identify and remove defective products and foreign material from the production line, with the purpose of separating product of different grades and types of materials.

Techik color sorters are commonly applied in sorting of grain, coffee, peanuts, crops, beans, seeds, spices, nuts, rice, vegetables, fruits etc.

​Multifunction Full-Color Sorter
Full-Color Belt Sorter
Special Application For Color Sorter
Mini Full-Color Sorter

Rejector Series

Flipper Type
Airjet Type
Push Type
Drop Out Rejector
Heavy Push Rejecter
Pneumatic Retracting Band Type
Flap Rejector
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