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Solution to Voltage Variation

Q-Tech provided solution against voltage variation to TRANSFOPOWER LIMITED Lahore with TMAVR DYNAMIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR of rating 400 volt 50 Hz, 150 kVA

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Q-Tech provided following solutions in Textile industries


The TMSVG Active Dynamic VAR Compensator is an advanced power quality solution provided by Q-Tech. It is designed to address voltage and reactive power variations in electrical systems. Reactive power, also known as VAR (Volt-Ampere Reactive), is an essential component of power systems. However, excessive reactive power can cause voltage fluctuations and instability, leading to decreased system efficiency and potential equipment damage.

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The TMAPF Active Power Filter is another cutting-edge power quality solution provided by Q-Tech. It is designed to mitigate harmonics and improve power factor in electrical systems. Harmonics are unwanted electrical frequencies that can distort the sinusoidal waveform of the voltage or current in a power system. These harmonics can cause equipment malfunctions, increased energy losses, and interference with sensitive electronic devices. The TMAPF Active Power Filter actively detects and filters out these harmonics, ensuring a clean and reliable power supply.

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